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Slip Ring Induction motor Starter – M/s Sakthi Power Innovatives an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company is engaged in designing and manufacturing of Slip Ring induction motor starter which is ideal for replacing old ‘Resistance’ and Rotor Control Circuit , liquid or chemical starters where the stator control gear is separate . The main advantage of the starter is fully automatic starting of Slip Ring Induction Motor . Specially designed inducer which is dependant on rotor frequency. When power is applied to motor the frequency in the rotor is the same as that in stator .As the machine accelerates, the rotor frequency and inducer impedance decreases. This results a smooth acceleration to full speed at which point the slip rings are short circuited.The heavy mass of core material allows the module to absorb a considerable amount of heat The advanced thermal insulation protects the module which remains relatively cool and several consecutive start may be obtained on drives with high inertia load ensures a constant low Starting current and incremental voltage and torque to the motor to get smooth acceleration .This achieves very soft and smooth starting load to the crusher , compressors , blower fans, Rubber mills, presses, cranes , Pumps etc which helps in optimizing the power source ie , transformer or generator capacity. Optimized power system gives savings capital in cost and savings in revenue expenditure due to increased efficiencies.

We also provide “ The customized solution as per client technical requirements for Slip Ring starter”

Salient Features:

  • Step less smooth acceleration to full speed reduces electrical stress in the motors and mechanical wear through out the drive .
  • The system requires only one shorting contactor, reducing the overall system complexity, size and cost .
  • Heavy Duty Inching and Plug breaking.
  • Constant Torque and Constant Current Acceleration.
  • Starting of motor with limited power.
  • Low starting current.
  • Micro controller Digital Motor protection for over load, over voltage, under voltage, stall, Locked Rotor, Phase failure, Reverse phase, Asymmetry .
  • Built in Automatic Step less Operation.
  • Extremely rugged in construction. Suitable for extreme weather conditions like dust and desert environment.
  • No forced cooling required.
  • A less Complex System with no maintenance.
  • Easy to install and operate.

Product Range

Type of AC Motors:
Slip Ring Induction Motor / Wound Rotor Induction Motor
Up to 20000 kw
415V to 11kv

Ordering Information

Motor Rating in KW, Rotor Voltage, Rotor Current, Stator Voltage, Stator current, Application, Control supply voltage.